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"Eating WILD in the West"

If you grew up with a family member who was bringing home wild game, it's a treat to find it when you are on road trips. I remember how thrilled I was the first time I ate Quail at a restaurant and didn't have to worry about breaking my teeth on buckshot! Anyway, here are several restaurants in the Western US that serve some tremendous wild game:

* Log Haven Restaurant in the Millcreek Canyon outside of Salt Lake City, Utah. (4 Diamonds) Log home built in the 1920s and turned into a restaurant in 1994. Beautiful atmosphere and good food. The Smoked Elk Carpaccio is truly wonderful and their Smoked Duck and Hand Cut Serrano Chili Pasta is spicy and delicious.

* Rim Rock Restaurant in Torrey, Utah. (3 Diamonds) It's located on a slight hill with a completely open view of a large expanse of red rock mountains. Dinner at sunset here is quite beautiful. Their Bison bratwurst is the best I've ever had and their Quail is quite good... always better without the buckshot!!

* Buck's Grille at the north end of Moab, Utah. (3 Diamonds) The friend who recommended it loves the Buffalo Meatloaf. However, I opted for the Boar, Elk and Bison sausages with Garlic Aoli. The boar was a little bland and the Bison not quite as delicious as at Rim Rock, but the Elk was excellent. Next was a Duck Tamale with Dried Cherry Salsa. Unique and very flavorful. They serve a "Duck Bacon" that I had never heard of. My waittress, Kyla, said it was duck breast sliced very thinly with the fat (skin) still on and then cooked. It was heavenly!! BTW... they serve one of the best Mojitos!

* Rene at Tlaquepaque in Sedona, Arizona. (3 Diamonds) They serve an Antelope Carpaccio that is thicker than you would expect and comes with three wonderful sauces to dip. It was outstanding and worth a return trip! Their Grilled Quail stuffed with Andouille sausage and Shitake mushrooms in a white sauce with chives was also exquisite... and NO buckshot!!

Finding good wild game continues to be one of my favorite things to do on a road trip. Enjoy your travels and your tastings.

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