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Travels with Corie

I have loved to travel my entire life.  For those of you old enough (Boomers) to remember the TV show "Johnny Yuma" about a confederate soldier having adventures in the old west, I began my "journaling" in the 7th grade, after seeing this show where he kept a diary.  

Fast forward to my retirement after 33 years with State Farm Insurance (Agent and Executive) and I am attempting to "morph" into a "Travel Writer" by combining my two and journaling!!  

My goal is to share my travel experiences so that you can enjoy them vicariously  or be inspired to create trips of your own with ideas and stories that I have shared.  I welcome your stories and experiences to add to my own and further inspire me!! 

I have found that travel brings this quote to life:  "Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away".  

Here is to creating a life with those "breathtaking" experiences!! 

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